Tacology is a “mercado style dining”, a place where people can enjoy authentic and artistic Mexican food with the quality and love home-made dining provides, accompanied by a fun environment with our variety of drinks. We offer Tacos, Ceviche, Tostadas, Desserts, Salads, and many other delicacies that our customers can order through a tablet on each of our tables.

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We pride ourselves in our fresh, lively, and sophisticated design.The perfect mixture of traditional Mexican elements in hand with Miami’s colorful identity is what makes Tacology something special.


Tacology Venues are home to beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, offering a peaceful setting in nature for your dining experience.

Explore each of our venues to customize a location that will transform your visit into a memorable journey through mexican gastronomy.


Our outdoor area is a must-see at Brickell City Center. With a beautiful view and a cozy space, we will make your event the perfect atmosphere for all your guests.


Surrounded by the most stunning Mexican art and colors, our indoor area will give you the privacy and comfort you need for your event.

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Consumer target

Tacology has impressed both local clients and the constant tourist traffic in Miami. Through our engaging concept and pleasant ambience we have reached the heart of families, friends, old and young, who return constantly for our incredible gastronomy and our delectable cocktail drinks.

Tacology is the perfect place for
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Our food is the leading reason for Tacology’s success.

To provide the best food, Tacology is divided in four different kitchens:


There’s a reason why our bar is one of the most frequented bars in Miami, and that is our Traditional Cocktails. We offer 14 Signature Cocktails that are not only delicious, but unique in the city. If you want a good Tequila or Mezcal Cocktail you should Try them at Tacology.

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Service & tablet

Tacology has a hardworking staff, who always guide and help our clients, maintain an impeccable place, and make sure food arrives on time. But we also have something unique, a tool that brings innovation to our workplace: our Tablet Kiosk. This allows customers to order their food fast, easy, and directly to their table. Some of it benefits are:

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Visual impact is essential to us. From day one Tacology has been recording through photographs every event, installations, uniforms, celebrations, our staff and our clients, and of course, every recipe. Not only for social media, but also for our records.

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At Tacology, music is essential for the distinctive fun, relaxed, and cheerful environment we are known to provide. We encompass many genres to appeal to every taste, so that everyone feels welcome. And on Thursdays we light up the party with our DJ & Mariachis in special occasions,


Tacology is so much more than a restaurant, it has its own matchless style. Our merchandise line has t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, gif cards, and many other items decorated with unique designs that people can always buy and enjoy.

Social media and digital resources

We believe Social Media is essential for business growth, so we strive to do an impeccable job actively managing ours, focusing on innovation and engagement. Among the things we handle are:

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Delivery Service

Sometimes all clients want is our delicious food at the comfort of their homes, that is why we also offer Delivery Service. We have our own car for these occasions, so our delivery is always fast and reliable.

Mexican Food Delivery with Tacology

Tacology delivery car & Driver

Delivery feature available in our app

Our delivery apps

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Tacology Rewards

Technology is a great tool for us. At Tacology we have our own app which makes the eating experience better, more fun, and brings great benefits for our customers:

Taco Points

You can earn Taco Points with every purchase.


The customer can see the menu on their phone and order directly from there.


It notifies clients about discounts and important information.

Tacology rewards app