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From authentic Mexican tacos and nachos to ceviches and tostadas, Tacology boasts of being Miami, FL’s go-to dining spot, where you can enjoy authentic Mexican Mercado-style foods prepared with a contemporary twist. Besides our delicious Mexican food menu, we have an extensive drink menu to match the unique Mexican flavors on offer. Whether you’re dining solo, as a family, or sharing a big group party, you can choose from an assortment of cocktails, beer, wine, or natural juices to accompany your meal while tingling your taste buds with high-quality, tasty, and thirst-quenching drink options.

If you’re looking for the best deals on cocktails, wine, beer, or Mexican drinks, search no further than Tacology! Book a reservation online today!

Tacology Drink Menu

Oaxaca Mojito

Oaxacan rum, lime juice, mint, club soda



La femme spritz

Oaxacan rum, sugar, lime juice, mint, club soda


Build your paloma

Tequila silver, lime, Juice, Salt Rom and your choice of jarrito.



Luxury copper crafted vodka, pineapple, lime, agave, ginger beer and cinnamon.


Xocolatle de manzana

Mezcal joven, apple whisky, cacao, green apple, blossom bitters, aztec chocolate bitters, lime and agave.


Xocolata de Manzana


Cachaca, lime and coconut. 


El Chapulin

Mezcal joven, watermelon, mint, lime and agave.


Verde Diferente

Vodka, green matcha, Pineapple cucumber, mint, lime and agave.


Burrito Sabanero

Mezcal joven, angostura bitters, lime and agave.


D. F. No 1

Cachaca, Solera Rum, green chartrusse, banana, passion fruit and mango.


Tia Mia

Solera rum, licor 43, horchata and Cinnamon on top


Diablo Rojo

Mezcal joven, campari, jalapeño, Angostura bitters, ancho reyes chile, orange, lime and agave.


Oaxaca Negroni

Mezcal joven, bianco & dry vermouth,  and cointreau


Beetamin 3-5-6

Gin, Oregon beets, Florida oranges, cucumber, Orange Juice, lime and agave.


La Mandarina

Mezcal joven, mandrine liquor, orange juice, lime, mint, grapefruit bitters and jarritos mandarina.


La Condesa

Vodka, Sake, Guava, Lime and Gave.


Slushy Catrina

Mezcal joven, chinola passion fruit liquor, lime and agave.


La Ofrenda

Mezcal joven, Whiskey, apricot liquor, Green Charteuse, sage, coconut water, lime and agave.


La Incondicional

Tequila silver, Orange Liquor , cucumber, mint, ginger, lime.


La Incondicional

Berries Margarita

Tequila silver, triple sec, red berries, lime and agave.



No Mames

Tequila silver, ancho reyes chile, lime and agave.


No Mames

Tropical Margarita

Amaras Mezcal, Passion Fruit and Mango Puree, Agave And Lime Juice


La Guerita

Tamarind Margarita

Tequila silver, Tamarind, lime and agave.


Tamarind Margarita

Watermelon Margarita

Tequila silver, triple sec, watermelon, lime and agave.


Watermelon Margarita

Classic Margarita

Tequila silver, triple sec, lime and agave.


La Oaxaqueña

Mezcal joven, triple sec, lime and agave.



Coconut Margarita

Tequila silver, Triple Sec, Coconut Puree.


Coconut Margarita

Low Rider

Tequila silver, Grand Marnier, lime and agave.


La Guerita

El Jefe

Tequila añejo clarified, Orange Liquor, lime and agave.


El Jefe

La Jefa

Tequila Reposado, Orange Liquor, lime and agave


Cookie Monster

🍪 Cookie Monster





REDS 750ml


Pinot Noir, California.


Merlot, Napa Valley


Tempranillo, Ribera Del Duero


Tempranillo Cabernet Guanajuato


Montepulciano, Tuscany


Rose, Cote de Provence, France


Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles

• 1853

Malbec, Mendoza

REDS 750ml


Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand


Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley


Chardonnay , Russian River Valley


Semillon, Guanajuanto Mexico


Montepulciano, Tuscany


Falanghina, Italia


Albarño , Riaz Baixias, España


Pinot Grigio, Friuli Venezia , Italia

  • AGUA HORCHATA – 12 oz A
  • GUA JAMAICA – 12 oz
  • AGUA LIMON – 12 oz
  • AGUA TAMARINDO – 12 oz
  • COCA COLA – 12 oz
  • COCA COLA DIET – 8 oz
  • SPRITE – 12 oz
  • SQUIRT – 12 oz
  • GINGER ALE – 12 oz
  • EVIAN – 750 ml
  • TOPO CHICO – 750 ml
  • TOPO CHICO – 12 oz
  • JARRITOS PINA – 12.5 oz
  • SIDRAL MUNDET – 12.5 oz
  • ICE TEA – 12 oz
  • Q SODA – 12 oz

• El Verde

Apple, kale, celery, pineapple, lime, and mint.

• Agave Carrot

Agave, carrots, Cactus, Orange, lime

La Horchata

Horchata, coconut water, dates, pecan

• Beetology

Beats, strawberry, orange, ginger, cardamom

• El Cactus

Cactus, pineapple, orange, coconut water, lime

La Femme

La femme


La Femme Spritz

La Femme Spritz


We have a great bar menu and happy hour menu that includes our exciting and unique signature cocktails with some of the best deals. Additionally, the Tacology drink menu features other types of drinks for every occasion, including an evening out with friends, a quick pint on the go, or a birthday party with friends and family.

Tacology Signature Cocktails

At Tacology, we have over a dozen signature cocktails to satisfy your taste. Each cocktail is prepared professionally, following unique recipes and a mix-up of classic drinks to create cocktails that depict Tacology’s unique Mexican Mercado style, personality, and atmosphere. You can choose from our Oaxaca Mojito (Oaxacan rum, lime juice, and club soda) or Menina (cachaça, lime, and coconut) for a tangy taste. But if you’d like a bitter-sweet mix, we have the Burrito Sabanero (Mezcal Joven, angostura bitters, lime, and agave).

Tacology Margaritas

When you need a refreshing drink, we have twelve margarita options with the perfect mix of flavors to balance four of your five human tastes. Whether you choose La Incondicional (tequila silver, orange liquor, cucumber, mint, lime, and ginger), Tamarind Margarita, or Classic Margarita, you’ll enjoy the salty rim of the glass, tequila bitterness, agave sweetness, and sourness of the limes. Additionally, you can take advantage of our Margarita Night every Thursday to get great deals on Margaritas of your liking.


For our guests who relish sweet drinks for dessert or to cool off on a hot Miami day, we have two shake options: the chocolaty and nutty Cookie Monster and the colorful Rainbow. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a sweet blend of milk, ice cream, sweeteners, and flavorings to satisfy your cravings.


Wines don’t come short at Tacology; we understand that we cater to customers with wide-ranging tastes. That’s why our wine menu combines over 15 red wines sourced from different regions in the US and the world. For something American, you can choose Belle Glos Las Alturas (Pinot Noir) or Duckhorn (Merlot) from California, but to savor exotic tastes, you can select the Seven Terraces (Sauvignon Blanc) from New Zealand or La Capranera (Falanghina) from Italy.


When you feel like having a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink, or perhaps you’re enjoying a family meal, we have a range of beverages to satisfy everyone’s taste. Our beverage selection includes Coca-Cola, Sprite, Ice Tea, Ginger Ale, Squirt, Agua Horchata, Agua Limon, Agua Jamaica, Topo Chico, Sidral Mundet, Q Soda, and a range of fruity Jarritos.

Natural Juices

From El Verde, El Cactus, and Beetology to Agave Carrot and La Horchata, our natural, fresh juices are blended from healthy fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to ensure we serve nutritious and tasty juices.

Drink Specials in Miami

Looking for drink specials in Miami, FL? At Tacology, we have exciting drink specials ideas to add fun to our guests’ dining experiences.

Margarita Night in Miami

As we usher in the weekend, Tacology provides exciting Margarita Nights every Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm. At a pocket-friendly cost of $10, you can enjoy your choice of margaritas, from classic, No Mames, Passion Fruit, Mango, or Oaxaquena.

Miami Happy Hour

After a long, tiresome day at work, please take advantage of our discounted happy hour specials from Monday to Friday, 5 pm to 7 pm. Perfect for an evening with friends and colleagues, our happy hour specials include a selection of tasty meals and drinks:

  • Guacamole & Chips – $10.00
  • Calamari Frito – $10.00
  • Taco Pollo – $6.00
  • Taco Asada – $6.00
  • Happy Hour Al Pastor – $6.00
  • Happy Hour Taco Carnitas – $6.00
  • Classic Margarita – $8.00
  • Beer – $6.00
  • Wine – $8.00
  • Prosecco – $7.00

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  • Making online reservations to our venue
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Join Us for the Best Tacos & Happy Hour in Miami, FL

For a memorable, exciting, and authentic Mexican Mercado-style dining experience, visit Tacology at 4t Brickell City Center, 701 S. Miami Ave. We have tasty tacos and the best happy hour in Miami. Alternatively, order food online through our Tacology Rewards app or Uber Eats, and we’ll deliver your meal right to your doorstep.